Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Sephora X Nail Polish in Prudish

I got lured into Sephora the other day by the giant display of holiday gift sets that sat inside the entrance. The lit-up platform, the clear acrylic case with the product displayed inside like a museum...when I came to, I was already inside. 

Just when I thought I made it past the organized pile of temptation, I bumped into the all new Sephora X Nail Polish display. I picked one up - it was pink and glittery - and felt the weight of the bottle (i'm a tactile person). Then.... BAM! Sales rep ambush.  She preyed on my curiosity, and won.

I don't know how I feel about this nail polish. I love the color, but I didn't think the formula OR finish was a game-changer. It's meant to have the strength and longevity of a gel manicure, but for me it didn't last that long.  Maybe it was my top coat - the Seche Vite caused some shrinkage, which was disappointing because it's my go-to top coat. 

It also took 3 coats for opacity - it's not unusual for lighter colors to require more coats, but I guess I expected a little bit more because of all of the over-promised sales pitch/marketing copy. 

I will give this another try with a different top coat -- but for now, I'm not all that impressed. Sorry, Sephora! 

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